Project Description

Mutti Christmas dinner

20 December 2013 – Voltoni del Guazzatoio, Palazzo della Pilotta Parma

Organization of the Christmas for the company Mutti SpA and of the set-ups that have enriched the tables.

The idea promoted by Dr. Francesco Mutti, CEO of Mutti SpA, was to organize dinner for his employees within well-known but inaccessible areas of the city to give a unique moment to their guests.

The rooms of the Voltoni del Guzzatoio have been chosen as part of the Monumental Complex of Pilotta (PR) and an itinerary has been studied starting from the Teatro Farnese, an ancient wooden theater of the 17th century, and continued through the National Gallery. the staircase and the Horses to conculse in the halls where waiting for the guests there was the Green Choir which delighted the beginning of the evening with some of the most famous Verdi arias. Afterwards dinner was served inside the Voltonis